I then combined them into one meta-list. Marc Cary – Listen. Too many free jazz and avantgarde to my taste. Her version of “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye” knocks Mick Hucknall into a cocked flat cap. Art Tatum should be there, more Rollins too…, Like ’em all, but about a thousand more just as much. A female flautist, of all things, who couldn’t have existed without the records of Donald Byrd (see also: number 38). How can anyone enjoy listening to musicians play when the musicians weren’t listening to the other players? Either of Monk’s big band concert albums or Monk Alone in San Francisco is Number 5. Such a list would take years to compile, and would take the combined efforts of many jazz buffs, but could be extraordinary, and a great gift to prosperity. Influence is far-reaching; “Breathe” from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon was based on a chord sequence from this album. What should be my next album? In his 50-year career, Ellington composed over 2,000 pieces of “negro music” (he preferred the term to “jazz”), including sprawling orchestral suites, pop songs, dances tunes and everything in between. Charlie Parker – Complete Savoy and Dial Studio recordings Initially regarded by critics as a lesser Miles work, it has gradually grown in stature over the years. He was a sentimental horn player, some say the best of his generation, but he was killed in a car crash a year after this recorded, so never fulfilled his potential. Second is Offbeat of the Avenues by Manhatten Transfer. Ella in Rome, the birthday concert or with Duke Ellington in Stockholm should SURELY be up high. Ca c’est superb! All others were, I believe, Brazilian. Imagine the opening of a French movie, as the camera pans across Parisian rooftops at dusk, and then drops several stories below before entering a small basement window. In fact, just put McCoy Tyner’s album Infinity on there, it is a great album an kills two birds with one stone. The exact order is not so important. PS a tune being popular is not a bad thing. I suggest it to individual new to the jazz world that I’m trying to make fans. Interesting to see that only one female vocalist that made the list was Sarah Vaughan. Ahmad Jamal: Live at the Pershing…But Not For Me ‘Control’: How Self-Assertion Made Janet Jackson An Icon, Best Wes Montgomery Pieces: 20 Jazz Essentials, ‘Birth Of The Cool’: How Miles Davis Started A Jazz Revolution, Fania Records: How A New York Label Took Salsa To The World. Highlights include the beguiling opener, ‘Witch Hunt’, with its snaking melody; the cool title song, with its sublime horn theme played by Shorter and Hubbard; and the gentle, much-covered ballad ‘Infant Eyes’, which is now regarded as a jazz standard. If I traveled far, I always find time to MINGUS with the Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, I knew could find Charles somewhere around. Both were suggestions that almost changed my life. Index, what about one of the greatest jazz pianist, a Canadian, Oscar Peterson. Recorded with a classic line-up – pianist Kenny Drew, bassist Paul Chambers, trumpeter Lee Morgan, Trombonist Curtis Fuller and drummer Philly Joe Jones – the album consists of four very distinct pieces, each one representing a stage of spiritual development. His greatest creation was this, his 1959 debut for Columbia, on which propulsive uptempo songs (‘Better Git It In Your Soul’) were balanced with beautiful shimmering ballads (‘Goodbye Pork Pie Hat’, an elegy for saxophonist Lester Young, who had died earlier in 1959). If you put Heavy Weather and Bitches Brew and Mahavisnu on the list where is Return To Forever? Sunday At The Village Vanguard is a tremendous live album from 1961 that shows how Evans, together with bassist Scott LaFaro and drummer Paul Motian, brought a new concept of collective improv to the piano trio aesthetic. In 2003, Rolling Stone asked a panel of 271 artists, producers, industry executives and journalists to pick the greatest albums of all time. Bud Powell – The Amazing Bud Powell Vo.1 and please don’t forget Norman Granz’ series JATP Jazz at the Philharmonic. was Gordon’s third album for the label and found him in the company of pianist Sonny Clark, bassist Butch Warren and drummer Billy Higgins. Maybe not as well known as most on this list, but for me Oscar Peterson Trio’s “Live From Chicago”, Kenny Burrell’s “Midnight Blue”, Sam Rivers “Fuchsia Swing Song” all belong on this list IMO…. No Dizzy or Oscar Peterson? Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue”, Woody Allen in his prime, a New York skyline: this is jazz writ large. The album’s title – given to the sessions on their original album release in 1957 – reflects the influence the sides had on the West Coast “cool jazz “sound. The list needs more Monk, and Chick Corea’s Light as a Feather album. What about “Crescent” ? The list here includes all albums contained on three or more of the 22 original source lists. . Which is exactly what I keep finding in live albums: bad versions of studio cuts. The following are influenced by thrills only as imagined by the author, and it has no significant whatsoever to the work of the artists, 50. Wrong again. His 26 albums for the label are all strong, but none are quite as perfect as Soul Station. It’s an album whose every facet – from the material, arrangements, ensemble work and solo passages – blends perfectly to create an exquisite whole. But if you are going to include Miles, especially Birth of the Cool, then it is silly to leave out John Lewis or Mulligan, who were there from the start. Workin’, Concert By the Sea is great, but also One World Concert and At the Piano are superb. It is a bit disturbing that there was nothing after 1977 and that very few post 77 albums were mentioned in the replies. Thanks for the memories on this list. 23. Where are they? He blew brass, wore a dashiki and wrote “Soul Bossa Nova”, now forever associated with Austin Powers. There are no trombonists listed! …. The odds that a live version is as good as a studio version are rather slim. While those on the list are great, The Crusaders have always been and always will be #1 on my list. This collection of straightforward covers is undoubtedly her best work, the defining record of her career; a selection of haunting covers that spotlights her remarkable gift for interpretation. Loved the albums made by the Benny Golson/Art Pepper Jazztet that were recorded and released by Chess Records in the early 1960s List definitely needs some more vocalists as well as some otherwise overlooked jazz musicians. Speak No Evil was the saxophonist’s third album for Alfred Lion’s iconic jazz label and was recorded three months after he had joined the Miles Davis Quintet. Miles Davis/Gil Evans should be there somewhere, shouldn’t they? A haunting record, its only downside is the (now) very obvious Eighties production (close your eyes and you could be in Miami Vice). To capture the work’s profundity, Davis uses a flugelhorn – to awesome effect. I agree with so many of your picks. There have been plenty list available that rank the top 100 greatest albums of all time. The truth is, jazz is a bit of everything, something that isn’t so surprising when you consider it was born out of marching bands, the blues, minstrel music and New Orleans creole. Come on you people Impossible list to make so the rest of the real list is in the comments, here’s some of my thoughts/additions: All great albums – you might include Pat Metheny (any of his albums but I am fond of ‘We Live Here”)- as his group has won 20 Grammys, and maybe you might think of Vince Guaraldi (A Charlie Brown Christmas) next time. So good, I can’t choose which one to kick off to make room for Moran/Harris/ et al’s New Directions. Blue Sun – Mark Isham. Just my 2 cents…. This is the only Bud that’s truly amazing. Sketches of Spain…. Koop are another example of PoMoMoR (PostModernMiddleoftheRoad), a musical genre you’ll have heard in the last branch of the Elemis you inadvertently wandered into. Herbie Hancock – Maiden Voyage Basie – Complete Atomic Basie Despite this, Pepper – who claimed he hadn’t touched his sax for several weeks prior to the session – made a transcendent jazz record. Getz was looking to record the follow-up to Jazz Samba and Jazz Samba Encore – his two breakthrough LPs, which had resulted in the hits “Desadinado” and “One Not Samba”. 42. Thanks for this list and all the others. Also, in my opinion the list needs more women like Ella and (as a Swede I’m obliged to say) Monica Zetterlund. Some of Armstrong’s seminal sides with this band can be found on this glorious compilation, which also includes music from his later Hot Seven group (which recorded in 1927). Too light on the earlier stuff for my liking…and no vocalists. LOL OK, so I have my work cut out for me, all the people that said you left off this artist or that artist, it’s more cool information for me to check out. Supported by intuitive and symbiotic interactions from bassist Gary Peacock and drummer Sunny Murray, Ayler takes Ornette Coleman’s concept of free jazz to another level. Good point about the lack of Europeans (or Canadians!) Great top 50! Jimmy Smith, Herbie Nichols – Complete Blue Note Recordings Double the list and not rank them for more harmony among Jazz lovers. The selections here aren’t necessarily all benchmarks, they’re simply the best records to listen to, the ones that will give you the most pleasure. but, come to think of it, no Shaw or Miller. Just wondering: Don Cherry – Brown Rice, Miles – In a silent way, Return to Forever – Light as a Feather…. No Ella Fitzgerald? There are certainly 50 best for each decade or sub-genre, style, composer, voice, instrument and geographic region (USA and World-Wide). I’d love to know who your jury was. This list needs In a silent way & Sketches of Spain on it. Sun Roms – Jason Adasiewicz. They were also released in 1959 and are in the Top 5 according to this list. I doubt…. And so, after six long months I arrived at my final selection, the 100 best jazz CDs money can buy. How is the classic Basie band 49 and behind a bunch of lesser lps like one by the Latter Basie band ,who’s the fool who put this thing together ??? Yet Bitches Brew is the worst album that Miles ever put out. I know I will Mingus with Charles again, when I do, I’ll tell him to play “Ah Um” Hmmmmmm….tough task…but to not have one ECM produced session is criminal. Weather reports were a jazz supergroup – Wayne Shorter, Jaco Pastorius et al – who turned elaborately arranged songs into FM-friendly hits, “Birdland” included. Duke. “Further Definitions” is both important and wonderful. Kind of Blue can’t be higher on this list than A Love Supreme and The Black Saint, seriously, you can’t do this to me. Includes the monumental “Venceremos” with guest vocals by Everything But The Girl’s Tracey Thorn. Kind of Blue at #1 is correct, but the runner up spot should definetely go to Time Out. Good Hope – Dave Holland/Chris Potter. where is oscar peterson ??? Especially Inner City Blues? This is one where it undeniable works. difficult indeed to make a list…. The Inner Mounting Flame needs to be moved up AT LEAST 30 spots. You may not be able to buy Jorge Ben’s 1972 masterpiece Ben (Philips) on CD right now, but there are plenty of other places to look for cracking Brazilian music. Translator’s Note – Oded Tzur. How could you… Recap; Reporters; Top 100; Chartbound; Radar; Listener; ... Nils. I can’t abide that. Lots of great picks on this list, but it needs work fellas! Le Grand’s Arrangements are truly Beautiful and Original, and the Album really should have been on the List! It’s notable for a phenomenal solo by saxophonist Paul Gonsalves, who blew 27 choruses and whipped the crowd into a frenzy. “Peel Me A Grape” is worth the price of entry alone. You’ll hear “Night Train” playing in any nightclub scene in any Sixties film. I know many jazz fans look at their music No Ramsey Lewis? As great as many of these albums are, many of the artists on this list have exceeded these elsewhere. By the time that the North Carolina pianist/composer recorded Brilliant Corners for Riverside in 1956, however, he was beginning to get the recognition and accolades he deserved. Holiday pleaded with him to get her a “bag”. Billie Holiday?, Bix? 8. Very excellent list, but what about with Ella and Billie? No Ahmad Jamal, no Crusaders, no Metheny, no Tom Scott… What a shame. Like the later work of James Joyce, the films of Tarkovsky and “tax harmonisation”, the fact that some things will always lie just beyond the common understanding is something jazz enthusiasts must learn to live with. With songs and arrangements by Neal Hefti (who would wholeheartedly embrace fame when he wrote and performed the theme from the Batman TV series in the mid-Sixties), this was one of the Basie’s greatest records, and one of his last. no Freddie Hubbard, Gato Barbieri, Dizzy Gillespie, Bill Evans Trio – Portrait In Jazz None menioned Ahmad Jamal At The Pershing though, classic album – deserved to be on there for Poinciana alone. Awase Nick Bartsch. The growth of Coltrane’s popularity in the early 60s was undoubtedly aided by Atlantic releasing a shorter version of ‘My Favorite Things’ as a single to promote the album. Ni pour ni contre , juste savoir comment avez-vous procédé pour le choix sur plus d’un siècle d’enregistrement . Would like to add David Murray and The Arts Ensemble of Chicago to this list. Key track: ‘Part One: “Acknowledgement”’, Topping our list of the 50 best jazz albums ever is this timeless, transcendent classic from the great Miles Davis. In the process, he created a brave new musical language of free-form collective improvisation that shook the jazz world to its core. Stan Tracey and George from Battersea ! Tenor saxophonist Rollins laid out his claim to be considered one of the most inventive improvisers in music across a selection of the best jazz albums of the mid-late 1950s – The Sound of Sonny, Way Out West, Tenor Madness, Newk’s Time and Freedom Suite are all brilliant – but this, from 1956, is probably his most famous. Where is Billie? Yet despite this, none of his earlier recordings make the list?!! for whispered memories, and today’s skilled mavericks. I’m sorry. All recorded form 1970 to 2020. Cause of that, his artist name?? It’s a difficult list to do so congratulations is in order. Julius hemphill – Dogon AD The ignorance expressed on this list is representative of our time. Musically, it’s where modal jazz really hit paydirt, and where linear improvisation came to the fore (Davis playing Samuel Beckett to John Coltrane’s James Joyce), and its tunes have been covered by everyone from Larry Carlton to Ronny Jordan. This is a great list for those who are new to jazz to start out with. View reviews, ratings, news & more regarding your favorite band. More Beautiful Than Death – Either Orchestra. C’est bon. A good ART Rhythm Section, could use a little PEPPER Many guitarists that followed in Christian’s wake – among them Wes Montgomery, Grant Green and George Benson – were indebted to the Texan fretboard genius. Often confused with chill-out pop, since the big Easy Listening revival of 1994 the likes of Koop, Zero 7, Röyksopp, Groove Armada and Lemon Jelly seemed content to lay muted trumpets over hip-hop beats until the cows came home. During his 28-year stint with Blue Note he produced many fine albums, but few as truly satisfying as Song For My Father, whose immortal title track is defined by infectious horn motifs and a loping intro (famously borrowed by Steely Dan for their 1974 hit ‘Rikki Don’t Lose That Number’). No Louis Armstrong, no Sydney Bechet, no Jimmy Smith, no Django ?? He is the only european artist, who belongs to top 50 of Jazz! Sonny Rollins – Saxophone Colossus Oceanos – David Binney/Edward Simon. 21. no Teddy Wilson, Lester Young – Billie Holliday – what about Bix and Tram? 25. 5. Some would be in the top 50, others would be bubbling under… It was in wonderful Copenhagen when Mr. Brubeck gave no Time Out, and the audience loves it. A Night Out with Verve; Ella’s Songbook esp. Key song: ‘Moanin’’, First released on Bernard Stollman’s small, New York-based indie label, ESP-Disk’, in 1964, Spiritual Unity announced Ohio-born saxophonist Ayler’s arrival on the world stage. CU, Oscar, Good list, thank you, For me I miss Carla Bley: Escalator over the hill and Tropic apetites and Chet Baker Let’sLet’s get lost. In Four years later, in 1951, Lion issued Monk’s first album, Genius Of Modern Music, which was followed by a second volume in 1956 (by which time Monk was recording for Riverside). King to Muddy Waters, these are the 100 greatest blues albums of all-time. Brazilians are Americans too since Brazil is also part of America. YOU MISSED THE GREATEST, COUNT BASIE, DUKE,AND LOUIS ARMSTRONG. A man in convulsions, face contorted, crouched over in apparent agony, his fingers flying, his foot dancing over pedals.”. Explore the The 50 Greatest Jazz Albums…Ever list by TwinPowerForce on Discogs. No w With trumpet sounds as light as a kite, and a voice that was always verging on the slightly “off” – there are those who’ll tell you that he should never have sung at all – Baker’s records were the perfect balance of sunshine and shade. One introduced me to lots of (very good) jazz guitarists, not knowing that I have a natural aversion to anyone sporting a mullet, which ruled out Pat Metheny, Mike Stern and Frank Gambale. come on… “chet baker with russel freeman and strings” is intense. Key song: ‘Hat And Beard’, St Louis-born Nelson was a talented saxophonist who could play both the tenor and alto varieties, but who earned more fame during his relatively short career as a masterful arranger who could turn his hand to TV soundtracks and movie scores.

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